Advantages of Co-Therapy for Couples

  Co-Therapy provides enhanced structural equality and dynamic energy to any couple therapy regime, specifically:

I. Any given interaction in co-therapy consists of two participants and two observers, eliminating feelings of isolation and marginalization – “triangling” – an on-going possibility in the traditional single therapist format. Also, both genders are equally represented in the 4-person constellation – eliminating a possible sense of triangling based on gender.

II. A functioning couple is present in the therapeutic team – providing on-going modeling of individual and relational health to the clients.

III. Four individuals – two clients, two therapists generate exponentially more dynamic energy than the traditional three-person format. The structure of the therapeutic “square” frames and mobilizes this energy from within a more inherently equitable formation than the traditional “triangle”.

IV. One therapist is actively directing/managing the session at any given time; the other is thus an active clinical observer with the advantages of immediate proximity and subsequent active engagement founded on these observations. Therapist roles alternating in this way maintain and enhance sessional continuity, focus, and momentum..

V. Two therapists are available to manage sessional crises that may arise.

VI. Individual sessions, whereby the team of four breaks into two teams of two, ensure that all three entities inherent in the couple relationship – he as individual, she as individual, they as partners – receive direct and informed clinical attention, separately and together.

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