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April 2007
I first heard about Bob and Lorraine through a friend of mine who was seeing Lorraine to help her through a crisis. She spoke very highly of Lorraine and I saw rapid progress and a new understanding in my friend.

I have worked for a family physician for the last 17 years and it has been a constant struggle to find consistent and competent therapists for out patients. We started referring to Bob and Lorraine for family, couple and individual counselling. I started getting such positive feedback from our patients, thanking us for sending them to Bob and Lorraine. This never happened before! I later found myself in a similar situation as some of our patients looking for guidance and re-grounding. I started working on myself with Lorraine's guidance, knowledge and caring. Lorraine was quick to supply with the proper tools and guidance to help me set boundaries and to restore my sense of self which is so important to function peacefuly in this world. I continue to refer patients to both Bob and Lorraine having experiencedsuch a personally satisfying and healthly outcome myself.

Nov. 2005
The individual counselling sessions we attended helped each of us to get in touch with our behavior, thoughts, and feelings, and the "family of origin" issues that were affecting our everyday actions. Individually, we have also learned how to establish boundaries between ourselves and others, when and where needed. As a result, both of us feel much more self-assured, and we have become increasingly more capable of expressing our feeling appropriately, as well as identifying when others are trying to manipulate us.

During the couples' sessions, we were able to apply what we had learned in the individual ones to improve how we communicate with each other. Some of the revelations about our feelings which came out in these sessions, especially those about our families, were eye-opening and helped us to better understand the foundations of our partner's behaviour. Our discussions now are much more productive, as we find it infinitely easier to speak from the "I" position in the majority of our exchanges.

We highly recommend Phoenix Counselling Services for anyone who is interested in both self-improvements, and in developing more mutually satisfying relationships with other people.
E. and O.M.

March 2006
Dear Lorraine:
I thought I would drop you a line to let you know that things have been going very well with me.

I want to thank you again for your support. I find myself frequently reflecting on our discussions and asking myself "what would Lorraine say?" when I feel myself slipping over the edge. I'm still having some ups and downs, but I really feel like I'm turning the corner and am excited to se what awaits me.

Dec. 2005
Hi Lorraine,
You are always in my thought and I'm so grateful that our paths crossed. As I continue on my journey in life and reach challenges, I strive to apply all that you have taught me to work through.


Anyway's better go.. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New never know I may see you again but if I don't you are always with me.

Dec. 2005
Dear Bob,
I wanted to write to you and express my gratitude for your kindness, wisdom, and time. It is difficult for me to put into words just how much you have helped me in my life. I truly feel free from so much that had always been preventing me from peace and happiness. I know that I will always have work to do, but I feel that this work will now be to enrich my soul and my life and not work that is done to rid myself of a dysfunctional behavior. It feels very good. I feel empowered.

Since I saw you last, I have been doing a lot of work in the form of writing and ensuring that I use the tools that you have taught me. I cam to a place in my growth whereby I felt it was time to release myself from my past and from the negative behaviors that I had been letting rule my life. I took your advice and wrote to each one. I sat down at the lake completely secluded, and had a ceremony to tear up each paper, one by one, and let the shreds of paper float away and dissolve. I truly feel changed.

I felt it was extremely important to tell you how profound of a change you have made in my life. You have a wonderful gift of wisdom, communication and insight.

I can't think of any gift as precious as the one you have given me and for that I that you. I wish you all the best in your life and hope that you have found your bliss in your work.

Sincerely and gratefully,


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