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Relief from Depression, Anger and Anxiety

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We offer individual therapy and co-therapy* For Individuals, Couples, and Parents seeking:

- Relationship or family harmony
- Understanding, support and guidance in raising difficult sons and daughters
- Relief from Depression/Anxiety/Anger
- Communication skills that allow you to say what you really mean
- Answers to Religous/Spiritual Questions
- Integration and renewal as adult and young adult survivors of childhood trauma
- Relief from workplace or career transition pressures
- Desire for freer, more authentic choices as individuals and with partners

* Co-Therapy: Two Therapists-One Man, One Woman. Click here for the advantages of co-therapy for couples.

A uniquely empowering, highly successful, therapy approach for couples and families

Phoenix Counselling Services is a professional partnership. Each Partner holds a Master's degree in counselling and psychotherapy.
NOTE: Payment for our services is available through your extended health care program
The partners' Professional Memberships include:

Canadian Guidance and Couselling Association

Society for Pastoral Counselling Research
Canadian Criminal Justice Association
Our desire and focus is to provide a safe, challenging, working environment.
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Please Note
Abundant Living Counselling Group is the only group under which Phoenix Counselling Services operates.
We do not go by any other name, and have no affiliation with any counselling group who may suggest otherwise.